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The Apulian painter Michele ARMENISE was born in Bari on December 1, year 1950.

Son of art, child prodigy of great talent, inaugurates at only 21 years, in 1971, his first solo show at the Gallery of Artists of Nicola Martiradonna (place and forge of the art of Bari in the 60s), gathering unanimous consent of the public and criticism for a very original folder of black and white drawings that arouse unexpected interest in the public and between art critics.

Domenico Cadmo wrote about him: ..... "M.A. is expressed with lines that in all his subjects move in a dynamic sliding controlled by a rigorous technique that indicates the skill of the artist ... ..the content of his production is not easy to access to the profane ...... .from his deformed lines born the shape, the figure, the symbol of the content giving us a receptive dimension of the informal as much in controversy in the context of contemporary art ".

Pietro De Giosa, critic and editor of the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, followed the artistic production of Michele right from the start, so he wrote ... .. "M.A. he makes his drawings with the ink in the blink of an eye; yet they seem works that have involved who knows how much time because of a geometric form that is always respected despite the noise and the dynamics of the images ...... .. There is a fantasy, at the base; but this fantasy is invigorated, mechanized and cemented through an absolutely original graphic, and immediately the sensation of that noise, of that chaos of the life of the twentieth century ..."

His artistic production has evolved over the years with color, with controversial and ironic moods, and is nurtured and sustained by the experience of a work in the world of youth training. So it goes from black and white graphics to allegorical images that lead the artist to fantastic and free surreal inventions (Maria Cirone Scarfi 78).

Thus were born the so-called "SERIES" from the faces of the ass, to that of the Mexicans and the pirates. A way to identify and characterize objects and subjects of your works where the faces of political and non-political characters find space, an expression of the ambiguity of the times.

This is what he said about him ... .. "he needs to express himself allegorically, to hit those with the armchair and with the instrument of power who are especially engaged in devouring." (Pierino De Giosa 81).

Extremely variable, metereopathic temperament character, his works express his way of being, of conceiving life, without veils. It passes in an easy and natural way from figurative to surreal, from china to oil with mixed techniques ranging from complicated graphic resonances to simple tonal variations.

An unconscious pictorial technique, the result of randomness and research, accompanies the supports of paintings, tables and cartoons, where the technological and consumer elements of today's world unite with the human condition of poor people.

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