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Private negotiation

Private negotiation

What is the Reserved Negotiation?

The reserved negotiation has the purpose to allow the user to request the quotation of the preferred work and in case the final purchase of the same for his own collection. It's simple, 100% safe and fast!

  1. Choose the picture you would like to buy and click on the green "Request Quotation" button, filling in the requested contact details;
  2. Within 24 hours you will receive an email directly from the artist with the price of the work, times and methods of shipping and payment;
  3. The negotiation ends with the payment and delivery of the work at the address provided by the user.

Packaging and Shipping, are they safe?

Since these are paintings and therefore fragile products, of value and unique pieces, the packaging and shipping service is entrusted totally to an agency specialized in parcel shipments all over the world, the Mail Boxes Etc center .. The courier will contact you a few days before shipping to better organize the delivery.

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